How Do You View Cold Calling?

I wish there was an easy way like so many marketing plans are preaching.
I have found that even with the social media avenue for selling, it does not
have the direct results and time proven effectiveness of getting on the phone
and talking to people and meeting with them face to face.

The phone is still my most powerful sales tool. I wish it were not, because like
most people I don’t like fighting through the gatekeepers and dealing with the
rejection… but it does work. And when you have a problem to resolve or you
want to expand into other departments of a company. You have a real
relationship to build off of.

Second to calling, is sending hand crafted emails to individuals with specific subjects
and letters, that are mailed either before or after emails, and then the phone call.

I like the idea of putting a day and time period that I will be following up with a call.
Next is tracking all my activity and having it as part of a multi step process that
includes all the follow up activity, after a call a meeting and a proposal.

I know some say that the cold call puts you in a disadvantaged position because
you are perceived as “needing their business”. I have found that I close more
cold call opportunities than people who call us. Often because I am the first one who
has called, and that allows me to set the level of expectation in the evaluation process.

The perceived credibility gained by being the first one in the door is the main driver,
as I see it, behind more cold calling opportunities closing in relation to inbound leads.
When are the first in, you are in the driver’s seat and able to lead the decision makers
along in the buying process. With an inbound opportunity you’re hoping you are in the
passenger seat and not the back of the bus. The prospect has usually done his homework
knows what he wants, and your just coming along for the ride.

There are many who are ascribing to the “Never Cold Call Again” new social media
sales philosophy and I say … Good for you! Please do that, and make it easier for me
to reach your prospects who will be getting no phone calls from you.

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