10 Ways To Keep Your Pipeline Full Of Profitable Business

1-Know your target clients or create your own niche.
2-Know what they are looking for
3-Know where your target audience is likely to get information about you.
4-Know when they will be looking for you? Timing is critical!
5-Know what makes you unique versus the other options available to your target audience
6-Know how you want them to engage with you?
7- Develop steady sources of new prospects. Get to know people, everywhere you go – in-person or on-line at your social media sites.
8- Form partnerships with other firms that complement what you do. Consider which non-competitors are likely to cross paths with your prospects. Talk with them about partnering. Trade leads with them.
9- Do “Nurture Marketing”. Prospects buy when the timing is right for them, not when it is convenient for the sales person. Therefore, to be on their mind when the time is right, you must be marketing to them year round. As you get to know your prospects, change your message to fit their needs.
10- Stop ‘qualifying’ and start ‘disqualifying’? ‘Disqualifying’ prospects is a process in which the dirt is removed until all that remains is the gold.

Bonus Tips 

  • Marketing should include a quick and simple “call to action”.
  • Effective marketing is just like being a great host: put together customers and benefits just like you’d put together people, food and music at a party.
  • Include in your offer if possible a “performance guarantee” that removes the perceived risk of someone doing business with you.
  • Gather testimonials and cultivate referrals from EVERYONE – clients and colleagues. Provide easy, hassle-free ways for people to help you with this and ASK!
  • Profile Your Best Customers. Who are your most valuable and profitable customers? How much do they spend with you annually? Do they fit a niche?
  • Create Win-Win Relationships. “Give to get” is a motto that works well in business. A strong strategic alliance offers many benefits, including reducing risk, sharing costs and improving time to market.
  • Speak about benefits that relate to prospects specifically. Generic benefits are not compelling.
  • Do they really believe you can deliver what you promise?
  • Do they trust you professionally & confidentially?
  • Do they feel safe with you, like you & enjoy doing business with you & your ideas?
  • Do they believe working with you will give them the greatest ROI?

Call Center Outsourcing Trends:

How Outsourcing Call Center Functions Drive Business 2.0

As businesses begin to understand how outsourcing call center functions can save precious operating resources, the latest trends in the industry should shift from customer service to lead generation. Heres a glimpse into next-generation call center outsourcing operations and their potential to drive Business 2.0 into a new mindset.

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Call center outsourcing has ushered in a radical paradigm shift in the way businesses consider traditional customer service. With the introduction of new technologies, organizations are finding that they can better serve their customers without sacrificing the fiscal and human resources necessary to host these tasks in-house.

However, as outsourcing call center activities is a concept in constant flux, the businesses that utilize best-practices should hold an edge in the market. From wireless technologies to survey-based functionality, call center outsourcing is proving to be a critical spoke in the branding wheel. The concept is simple–give customers a reason to interact by providing convenience and value with every contact. While that may sound easier said than done, call center technologies that incorporate social media networking into their operations have made surprising headway.

The Mounting Challenges Call Centers Will Face

Understanding the roles that call center outsourcing may potentially play in Business 2.0 requires examination of the challenges it faces. The Marktforschung blog cites Datamonitor findings that discuss the state of the industry and how these factors may shape the future. CEOs considering outsourcing call center functions would do well to take these into account for strategic planning:

  • Price Sensitivity. Clients are continually looking for cheaper rates and high service quality levels
  • Onshore Contact Center Deployment. Due to political considerations and lower prices in western markets, onshore could gain traction
  • New Business Models. Enables contact center outsourcers to broaden revenue bases and encourages commercial diversification

The Future of Call Center Outsourcing

For companies hesitant about giving up full control of their call center operations to a third-party vendor, the hybrid approach is always an option. According to IT News India, some businesses are using Web-based technologies to join forces with outsourced call centers. First-level calls can be handled in-house, while calls of a marketing nature are fielded by outside operators. CEOs can triage call types to get the right professionals on the line in the shortest time possible. The outcome is increased resolution of problems and optimized lead-generation for marketing campaigns.

The bottom line is that businesses who attempt to handle call center service in-house are placing themselves at a decided disadvantage. Why not remove the burden, leave these principal operations to the experts, and concentrate on exploring new markets and advertising channels?

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Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept ‘10



Your Guide to Direct Response Fulfillment

DRTV or Direct Response Television includes any Television advertising that requires consumers to respond directly to the company. This can be done by visiting their website or calling an 800 number. It is a form of direct response marketing. ‘Short form’ and ‘long form’ are the two types of direct response television. Any DRTV commercial that is less than two minutes or is two minutes in length qualifies for a short form. Conversely, a commercial longer than two minutes is a long form commercial. There are direct response fulfillment services that can be tailored to meet each client’s individual business requirements and needs.

Infomercial product fulfillment is a service fast catching up. A vast variety of products including DVDs, books, body care products, beauty products, nutritional supplements, kitchenware, etc can be shipped. Thousands of orders are processed for product fulfillment and product distribution each day. This is done by using a variety of data feeds such as batch order files, real time processing through API calls, phone, mail, fax and EDI. Upon arrival, fax and mail orders are immediately entered in for expedient processing. All call center and website/e-commerce orders are instantly imported into the service provider’s fulfillment system for real time order processing and lightning- fast shipping.

Clients can easily process thousands of orders each day for literature fulfillment, sales and marketing material distribution. Orders are accepted through a variety of data feeds as mentioned above. Whether you are sending books, direct mail, catalogs or other material, literature fulfillment services can be tailored to meet the demands of every client. Wise businessmen will always think of ways to save money while ensuring good quality products and services at the same time. As a matter of fact, many companies are resorting to outsourcing. Companies are outsourcing everything that they can to other companies. For instance, a third party logistics company can help a business that is not familiar with the city find a public warehouse for products they may want to ship to the area.

In a business, your main goal should be to assess or ascertain your target audience. Once you understand your target market, everything will fall into place. This specifically holds true in the retail distribution system. Wholesale customers are patient compared to retail customers. Retail customers like to have their purchases immediately. This calls for an effective retail distribution system. An effective system will help you keep track of all your orders, backorders and shipping. This will keep your clients well informed and updated.

Direct response fulfillment services will help you improve your integrated marketing strategies including shipping and logistics, customer service, e-store hosting and development, real-time reporting, etc. DRTV commercials are a great combination of television advertising and direct marketing. A DRTV commercial is an affordable way to market to your target audience. You can effectively reach out to other markets and pull them in.

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Jesse Brown is author of this article on Direct Response Fulfillment.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Order Taking Services


Other than filling in your shoes, the order-taking associates have a keen eye and ear for arranging appointments that are especially tailored for your business. After coming back from a personal engagement, all you need to do is check the log-on.

4. Keeps your loyal customer and brings in new converts. An effective order taking and appointment setting service retains your loyal customers and you can trust that the rest of the neighborhood will know about you. More than product patronage, your customers stick with you because they know that they’re issues and concerns are well taken care of, and that they talk with associates who can feel the urgency of their requests.

Common message relay methods used today

At the rate the IT and communications industry is going, you can well imagine how fast and complex message delivery systems will become in the future. But at the moment, some of the widely used are:

. Text messaging
. Email
. Fax
. Call transfer
. Online orders
. Alphanumeric paging
. Call-in retrieval

Most order taking and appointment setting service companies today use integrated Internet-based system up that works 24/7, all year round. With this in place they can handle massive call volume and product lists. For companies engaged in sales and marketing, a web-based appointment setting service streamlines sales fulfillment paths.

If customers like to hear the voice of a live customer service representative, it must be because computers are rarely candid.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mel_F._Turao

Using An Answering Service Over Voicemail

Nowadays, the method of answering the phone has become diverse, albeit complicated. The benefit of using a live telephone answering service versus voicemail, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), is something that businesses contemplate and weigh very carefully every day. A lot of people are still split in the middle as to the advantages and disadvantages. Hence, they remain to be examined rather closely.

Voicemail has become an option for many offices. It’s inexpensive. Readily available and flexible. While many companies have gone the easy way of automated answering, there are still others who value customer service over automation and still stick to old fashioned live operators answering. The answering service industry has seen a steady decline in market share as many businesses have opted to use voicemail. But due to unfavorable responses from using voicemail technology, the answering service industry is steadily gaining its foothold back.

It would seem that the only victim from the automated answering process is the answering service call center industry. The businesses themselves suffer as well seeing that customer calling-in really favor talking to a live person on the other end. Customers would rather vent out their frustrations on real human beings as answering machines wouldn’t really care much. No matter how much voicemail companies try to personalize or ‘humanize’ their services, nothing still comes close to a human being who can respond properly, empathize at times and just be human for whatever it’s worth it.

Voicemail Does Not Work

Callers who reach the voicemail rarely leave messages nowadays. Let’s say seven out of ten that is a drop off rate of seventy percent. Very few businesses can afford to survive losing seventy percent of their business. There are really not a lot of chances to turn phone calls into business opportunities when you’re not getting that much calls.

Saving a Few But Losing A Lot

It may seem that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on the technology but you’re actually losing thousands on lost business opportunities. A live answering service operator will capture messages and relay them real-time. This is where voicemail fails. More messages mean more business. This should be reason enough why voicemail, quite simply, does not work.

Immeasurable Benefits For Your Business

Answering service benefits are plentiful. Though there are many to list, following are a few of the major benefits:

Saves Money: With a more focused answering service you can save on time and investment and it eliminates costs associated with providing a physical workplace for the agents, hiring and maintaining additional employees including vacation planning, hiring and training, benefits spending, and paid overtime.

Create an aura of professionalism: Customers will often criticize your company by the very first phone call. Using an outsourced inbound call center specializing in answering and order taking presents a whole new caller interface where all calls are greeted with a smile and treated with respect.

Never Miss an Important Call: Answering service staff handles calls 24/7. Any time your customer places an order, makes a reservation or books any of your function rooms for any event, someone will always be there to take that call. What’s even better is that your customer’s requests, complaints, questions and whatnot are handled real time by your call specialist who are more than qualified, up to speed and competent.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction. This is the eventuality, the inevitable and the end result of combining all of the listed benefits above.

Still, the first step to having these advantages work for your business is not to choose the first answering service call center that happens to present itself, but by carefully researching before choosing on who you think can provide you with the best service your company deserves. There’s a myriad of choices to choose from, let’s be clear on that.

But in the end, the choice is still yours. Using an answering service benefits both small and large businesses alike. If you are looking to help your customer retention and strengthen your customer service, contact a service provider today.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anne_Geller

My Favorite Gift for Customers is Norman Love Confections


As a sculptor with his clay or a fine artist with his brush, Norman Love® and his team create their culinary art out of only the purest ingredients.  At Norman Love Confections®, formerly Ganache Chocolates, there are no mass assembly lines – only artisans at work.

We use only the finest quality of chocolates, butter, spices, nuts, purées, and flavor.  Each of the individual pieces created each week is lovingly handmade for that one instant when the flavors, texture and aromas explode in a moment of pure pleasure.